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In this step you will need to provide your creative kids voucher. You can download your voucher from Service NSW. Get FREE same day shipping with every FREE creative voucher kit.

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#1 Creative Kids Voucher Provider

Messy craft is an important part of your child’s sensory development. We’ve curated fun & creative lesson kits to keep the kids entertained all summer long. Our Creative Kids Voucher Kits come with easy-to-follow lesson plan videos and high quality art products.

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Where to use creative kids voucher

How do I get a Creative Kids Voucher?

NSW residents can access a Creative Kids Voucher. These Creative Kids Vouchers, are accessed through your Service NSW account. Eligibility criteria is simple, you can download one (1) voucher every calendar year for each child between ages 4.5 and 18 years of age.

Watch & Learn

Silly String Art

Learn how to make silly string canvas. Great for decoration!

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Learn to make Playdough

Our Creative Kids Artists show you how to make playdough.

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How to Hydro Dip

Fun hydro dipping tutorial. Watch step-by step instructions.

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Learn to Paint Pour

Follow along with Tink and learn how to make a colour paint pour effect.

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Educational Inspiration

For tips and tricks, browse our inspiring educational blogs.

Fun & Easy Craft Ideas For Rainy Days

Keeping the kids entertained while stuck indoors can be challenging, however we have some fun and easy craft ideas to keep your little ones occupied for hours on end.

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Fun Tie Dye Activity

Tie dying is so much fun and a fun activity to get the kids involved in. You can tie dye pretty much anything you want, although t-shirts are the most popular item.

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What's All The Buzz About Creative Kids Vouchers

NSW Government is making it easy for school-aged kids (4.5-18 years old) to get involved in creative activities for kids as well as cultural activities...

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