Covid-19 made 2021 the 'cancellation year', but today we have our social freedoms and fun peering back into our family lives, and many are asking - where do we start? 

Good grief, do we even remember how to have fun anymore, where do we begin? Well, good news, it's just around the corner. According to our instagram poll, the most preferred holiday was in fact Halloween with a 75% vote – okay, so have you started planning how to release yourself back into the real world?

Halloween is held on the 31st October, and you probably would have noticed its popularity has certainly grown into a great Aussie celebration. I recall it wasn’t really a holiday celebrated in Australia a couple of years back, so most parents never grew up really celebrating it as a child.

Kids obviously adore costume parties, trick or treating, and decorating the outside of their homes. It can really bring a tone of joy & excitement for creative children. 

So, how do you get into the scary mood? What’s the expectation when decorating the house, without filling up your shopping cart with cheap and nasty plastic throw away’s? The fun begins when you make it DIY! It's about making your own costume with materials around the house, creating your own wicked decorations, dressing up but most importantly, for the kids it’s about a special experience for a day.  

The artists at Creative Kids Wonderland have conjured up 4 x exciting online lesson plans, these include decoration making techniques you can make as a family. We have also curated an arts and craft supplies kit that includes all the materials for a special Halloween – you can find this in the craft store and as a creative voucher kit.  

So, this Halloween you can stand out from the crowd with a plethora of ghastly decorations made by your child, that they will be proud of! What are you waiting for, let your child’s imagination run wild and be inspired this Halloween!