Keeping the kids entertained while stuck indoors can be challenging, however we have some fun and easy craft ideas to keep your little ones occupied for hours on end. 

Oil Pastel Drawing

Oil pastels are so much fun to colour with as they are soft, bright and they create great texture. Oil pastels allow colours to blend easily on paper and this is what makes it so much fun for kids! We have a fun way to use oil pastels at home and you will only need a few items.

What you will need:

  • 1 piece of A4 paper or Canvas
  • Oil pastels
  • Double sided tape/masking tape/sticky tape


1. Firstly, get your piece of A4 paper or canvas and with your tape, cut out a shape of a triangle and stick it on the paper. In the end the entire page will have outlines of various shapes. The most important part however is to ensure the double sided tape is on the entire edge of the paper as this will create a border.

2. Get your oil pastels and start colouring in within the shapes. You can use a different colour for each shape or you can use your fingers or a cotton q-tip to blend in the colours to create texture and depth. Our Mango Drawing Essentials Creative Kit has a pack of high quality Faber Castel oil pastels.

3. Once your artwork is complete and coloured in, carefully peel off the double sided tape. You will be left with a beautiful shape drawing to hang up.

Playdough Activities 

Playdough is a great sensory experience and it can really spark your child's imagination and creativity. Playing with playdough can also strengthen your child's hand muscles and develop their fine motor skills. Both our Lemon DIY Craft 5 Pack Creative Kit & Lime DIY Craft 5 Pack Creative Kit include a playdough making kit which makes it super easy for you to make playdough at home with the children!

You can easily introduce numbers, letters, shapes and telling the time with playdough to make learning more exciting!

Easy Ideas To Make With Playdough

Letters & Numbers: By using playdough, children can sit back and model letters and numbers. It can be helpful to have a sheet of paper with the letters and numbers written out so the children can easily model the letter/shape and place it on top of the relevant written letter/number.

Name: Once the children have the letters down pat, another fun way to boost creativity is to get them to model out their name using the playdough letters. Once again, you can write their name on a piece of paper where they can place the letters on top to make it easier for them.

Another fun way to teach your children how to write their name with playdough is by rolling out playdough and you can get a tooth pick and write their name out with tiny little dots.

Telling the time: Learn to tell the time in a fun and exciting way with playdough! All you need for this is a drawing of a clock (Or you could print it out off Google) and from there, you can show your child how to use the playdough to make the clock hands which will educate them on how to tell the time!

Ideas off Pinterest

An Easy Yet Effective Waterpaint Idea

Waterpaint is so much fun for kids and lets face it, not as messy as paint! If you are wanting to entertain the children for a few hours, you could let them make a few greeting cards out of waterpaint. Our Mango Drawing Essentials Creative Kit includes a pack of watercolours.

What You Will Need:

  • Card stock or an A4 piece of paper folded in half
  • Water paint 
  • Paint brush
  • Masking tape or double sided tape


1. Firstly, get your piece of A4 paper and fold it in half, alternatively if you have card stock on hand, this will be even better.

2. Let your child get creative! If they want to go ahead and just start painting, let them, there are no rules here! They could also make a greeting card by using the recipients initial on the front of the card out of masking tape/double sided tape and paint around the initial. Once the paint is dry, they can rip off the tape which will expose the letter in white. This will be a great contrast!

Other ideas could be to water paint the ocean, the sky, a field of flowers or even the stars. 

We hope we have insipired you and your little ones to have fun and get crafting next time you are stuck indoors on a rainy day! If you try any of these craft ideas, we would love to see your photos, so be sure to tag us on @Creativekidswonderland