Tie dying is so much fun and a fun activity to get the kids involved in. You can tie dye pretty much anything you want, although t-shirts are the most popular item. Don’t be afraid to get creative! Follow these simple tie dye instructions and you will ultimately create a fun eye- catching t-shirt.

What you will need:

- Tie Dye Colours (Our Strawberry Tie Dye & Scrapbooking Creative Kit comes with tie-dye colours)

- Rubber bands

- Plain white t-shirt

- A bucket

- Water

- White vinegar

1. Prepare your workspace

Tie dye projects can be messy so make sure you cover your workspace table with a tarp, garbage bags or an old tablecloth.

2. Pick your tying and folding technique

Ensure the t-shirt you will be tie dying is slightly damp. The design you use choose now will determine what your t-shirt will look like once you have finished the project. You can choose various folding techniques from a swirled twist tie-dye effect or a crinkled tie dye effect. We will take you through 2 folding options.

Swirled twist: Simply pinch the centre of the t-shirt and turn to create the folds and bind with rubber bands, creating 6 wedge shapes.

Crinkled: Simply roll up the t-shirt so in the end you are left with a long piece of shirt.

Strategically place your rubber bands.

3. Tie-Dye process

This is where the fun happens. Start adding your tie dye colours to the t-shirt. You can use as many colours as you desire, or you can use 2 different colours. Squirt the tie dye colours till your happy with the outcome.

4. Drying Process

Let the t-shirt dry overnight for at least 12-24 hours with the rubber bands intact. Place it in a bucket with water and some white vinegar and then throw it into a washing machine cycle.